Hello Everyone! My name is Mike and I am a self-taught full time day trader. I have always had an itch for making fast money. I was never one to want to work 50-60 hours a week. I would see other men like my grandfather and father do that and they would always tell me to be better than them when I grow up. I had no idea what I wanted to do or become when I grew up. At the age of 15 I was introduced to the stock market thanks to my two uncles. They pitched the idea to me of start learning how to trade and invest in the stock market.

They had told me I needed to open a broker account to get started. My parents were against opening a broker account for me and thought it was gambling and I was too “young” for it but my two uncles were able to talk them into it. My father liked that I was showing ambition and wanted to see what I could make of it. I funded the account with the money that I had made while working a paper route. I remember thinking how hard it was for me to make that money and how many newspapers I had to deliver in order to reach the amount of money I had saved up. I was nervous at first seeing my plan all along was to buy a go kart with that money. Regardless of how things would turn out that learning to day trade would only be a great learning experience for a kid my age. I started teaching myself everything about the stock market and how to day trade by going to my local library to read books. I would also ask a lot of questions to my uncles and would pick their brains every time I would see them.


I started day trading the stock market at the age of 15 (of course with my parent’s permission). When I first started day trading I had a few rough weeks at the beginning, but over time I was slowly able to get a better understanding of the market and adapt to market conditions. I thought of the stock market as one big video game and profits were like points. It does not matter how many green points you get (Profits) you just do not want to get any red points (losses).

At that time I was doing a bit more Investing than compared to Day Trading which is what I do now. I was holding positions for a few days, weeks, sometimes longer. This was the way that my uncles would do it and I looked up to them. They had made a lot of money in the stock market and continued to as time went on. I would get very frustrated with investing due to the long term small returns. My patience was running out very quick until one day I discovered penny stocks. I found out that I could afford more shares and at a cheaper price and loved the volatility they would have. I soon realized that I could get in and out of these stocks for the same returns if not more than the stocks I was investing in. Over the years, through trial and error, I became very successful with day trading. I was finally able to establish a consistent strategy which lead to my overall success in the markets and in life. Throughout the years I have been using my own strategy I came up with that has led me to a 90%-win rate.

I am here to teach you these strategies I apply each day in the market and how to become a better, more successful day trader and to make money in the stock market day trading penny stocks. I’m here to help you achieve financial independence, and overall become more financially intelligent and successful in the stock market. I am only 30 years old and over the years I have managed to achieve my goals and dreams. My course and services will not only help you become a better day trader but it will help you avoid wasting years of time and thousands of dollars at the trial and error stage, as well as help current day traders that may have been misguided by other premium education services or simply have a different trading style/taste. I am here to help guide you to become a better day trader, to be smarter with your money, and to achieve financial freedom, financial success, and overall success in life.

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