Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get Your Mentorship Program?

Hands down you should! You are basically sitting at my desk with me learning hands on. We will be working in a group session where you can pick every ounce of my brain and ask all the questions you desire. We will be doing live screen sharing during the mentorship sessions. We will be reviewing you trades as well as other members trades.  There’s no better way to learn how I make money in the market so that you can create your own success. If this is not in your budget, the other plans are great choices as well! But I can tell you that you will much more likely become a profitable trader using my mentorship plan

Whats My Strategy?

Well for starters you need to watch my course to learn my  strategy but I focus on day trading stocks under $10. I Have a keen eye for stocks that have gapped up or gapped down that are on the verge of making big moves for you to capitalize on. Sometimes I can make thousands of dollars in just a few minutes applying my same strategy day in and day out.

How much capital should I start with?

You can really start with as little as $500 using Robinhood. Depending on your Brokers requirements. Ideally, I suggest starting with $1,000 – $2,500 so that you can properly diversify your portfolio. However you can easily start with a $800 account and grow it using my strategy like I have been doing with my small account challenge.

How many stock picks can I expect from your chat room?

1-5 stock picks per day. I only alert the BEST setups with the BEST risk to reward. Anything else would just be looking out of boredom.

Can I become a profitable trader after watching my course?

 You sure can! I have created hundreds of succesful traders.  But you need to commit yourself to learning my strategy. So that we can work together as a team and create success for YOU! Trading is not easy by any means. If it was, everyone would be doing it. I didn’t have a teacher to help me, I learned the hard way. There was no one there to mentor me hands on but with my expert knowledge and background I can turn you into a profitable trader much faster than it took me. 

What hours do you trade?

I only like to focus on the first hour in the morning. That is where i make the bulk of my money. I come to the market with the plan to nail and bail then enjoy the rest of my day.

What broker do you use?

Centerpoint Securities, Speedtrader, Interactive brokers and Etrade. I use Etrade only for my long term options account. Between Centerpoint securities, speedtrader and interactive brokers. Speedtrader is my favorite. I have been using Suretrader and CMEG for my small account challenge. They offer 6-1 buying power. So if you fund a $1,000 account with them, you really have $6,000 to trade with.

How much capital did you start with? When did you start trading?

I started at the age of 15 with only $580 in my account that I made from a paper route. I really wanted to buy a go kart with the money instead but I am sure glad I went with the day trading route instead.

What technical indicators do you use?

VWAP is the only technical indicator I use. I feel that most technical indicators are “false” indicators and often give laggy signals or contradict each other. I only use VWAP as a guide for the overal price distance. I give live examples of this in my course.

What is your typical morning like?

I get up around 7:00AM, freshen up have a cup of coffee and take my dog for a walk. I check to see what is moving pre-market and along with checking previous day runners. I check with my broker to locate shares to short for the stocks I feel I need shorts for.  I alert the stocks I am watching at the market open to my chat room members with the entries and exits I am looking to GET IN and GET OUT! We then together as a team execute our plan!

If I purchase your course will it be mailed to me or is it streamed online?

When you purchase course, you will be streaming a digital version online; no physical copy of product will be shipped to you.

What books do you suggest to read?

The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist

Hands down the best book!

What broker do you recommend for small accounts?

CMEG (capital markets elite group), Suretrader, RobinHood

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer any sort of trail as this would not be fair to the members who have already paid for our services. 

What is your Refund Policy?
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